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Mr. Mooney, author of Acing the Admissions Essay

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Acing the Admissions Essay

 "Are you currently stressed with college essays and have no idea where to start? Well, I have good news for you: this book will be your lifesaver. Through a step-by-step process, this book will guide you on your college essay journey with tips, tricks, and clear & concise instruction. There are many brainstorming activities which are extremely helpful in discovering potential essay topics, and there are a myriad of phenomenal example essays from other students to give you an idea of what colleges are looking for. This book is also interactive, which means that there are spaces on the page to write your responses to the brainstorming activities. Overall, this book is a must for any student looking to enhance their writing skills for college essays and I highly recommend! " Melissa Kim

"Before I had this book, I didn't where to start my college essay process. However, it provided me with a clear path and useful tips to start writing my essays. Not only does Mr. Mooney give helpful brainstorming topics to start coming up with potential topics, he also includes strong examples of successful essays to aid in developing your own. Overall, this book will guide you through the construction of your essays in a fashion that is both understandable and enjoyable." G. Velazquez 

 "Review by Tia Chen-Wong) Wave goodbye to any admissions essay anxiety with this handy little book! Not only does it feature prime examples of essays submitted by previous students, it offers insightful commentary and advice worth its weight in gold in the college admissions process. The brainstorming activities helped me conceptualize the style and themes of my essays so I could set myself apart in just a few hundred words. Most of all, it inspired me to just sit down and start typing, which is in some ways the biggest hurdle. All in all, this jewel of a book provides a solid foundation for starting college essays, as well as tools for refining and perfecting them. Save yourself the unnecessary stress and read it."